For the past decade, websites have been moving toward becoming social platforms. Virtually all websites allow visitors to create an account in order to access content and interact with each other. Social media websites helped fuel these changes, and now most sites come with features pioneered by companies like MySpace and Facebook. Whenever social features are included, user-generated content becomes a part of a given website. Of course, users love uploading images to the sites they visit, and image moderation tactics become necessary.

Why Image Moderation Is Necessary

Website owners need to moderate the content posted on their websites to avoid problems. Users upload millions of images to the largest websites, and even small websites might see thousands of submissions. For all submissions, the chances of something breaking the law or a website's terms and conditions are high. Not all users want to follow the rules, and they often enjoy uploading vulgar or offensive content to the Internet. Sites that don't accept such content can face various consequences when that content is live. 

The Consequences of Poor Or Nonexistent Image Moderation 

Far too many websites treat moderation with a lax approach, if any approach at all. Traditionally, websites are legally protected from the content posted to their pages by users. Large amounts of user-generated content that infringe upon copyrights or break a country's laws can result in problems for the web masters, though. Plus, sites can only lose traffic when visitors arrive at a site to find content they find offensive, vulgar, or licentious. Less traffic means less revenue, and legal penalties obviously mean far worse things. 

Getting Moderation Up To Speed On A Website

In the end, web masters can't afford to ignore image moderation on their sites. Manual moderation is a popular tactic but requires far too many resources and moderators. It's far more efficient to utilize an automatic image moderation service to manage user-generated image uploads. For instance, WebPurify provides automated services at affordable prices to benefit website owners. Countless options are available, though, and website owners should implement the best option for their needs. Otherwise, they could face a variety of consequences here.