Yesterday, Cube announced its latest tablet pc. It is one 10.6 inch dual boot tablet. Model number is Cube I10. 

I10 has dual operation system, Windows 8.1 OS and Android 4.4. This owns one Intel Atom Z3735 quad core processor. This chipset adopts 22nm process technology. Its working frequency is 1.8GHz. Its screen size is 10.6 inch, the same as Microsoft Surface Pro. Its viewing angle is 178 degree, but resolution is not high. 

Unit owns 2G RAM and 32GB flash memory. There are dual cameras built in, the rear one is 2M pixels, resolution of front camera is unknown for now, it should be 0.3M pixels. 

There is one OTG port to connect with hard disc, keyboard etc, and one USB 2.0 port. Users can connect with one USB device to extend memory, or 3G dongle to surf internet. 

Generally speaking, the configuration of this Cube I10 is not bad, but performance is also not too high. Its price is also only 165 US dollars. 

As one dual boot tablet pc, this I10 has one special keyboard. But buyers need to pay extra, its price is unknown for now. Except keyboard, you can choose a lot of other accessories, like 20000Mah power bank, earphone, game handle etc. 

This Cube I10 will be for sale next Monday. 

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