While creating your own landscaping design you can "borrow ideas" or plan, but all these things should be done only after proper understanding of the basic principles of landscape design.

Understanding of these principles will help you to generate new ideas and will increase your creativity. Great landscaping basically lies in the eyes of its creator. Even it also describes the value of property .

One should have goals set in their design. Use of accent rocks and boulders can be considered as a good example. Different landscape design consists of various different colors and sizes of boulders. This is just one of the basic examples but the principle is applied to all other elements like groups of plants, materials and various other things.

Even one can see various designs on online sites. As there are various online site which provide various different kind of designs in order to help people who are not much aware of all these things.  this way one can find various types of different designs just at one click of mouse.  If you are still in trouble while creating any design, then you can hire any professional or any company in order to create your designing process. Various companies are there, who provide great amount of help in order to complete the landscaping process.